HONDA Pioneer 1000

We finally had the chance to take our Honda Pioneer 1000 out on the first ride in Williams, AZ. This version of the Honda is 1.0 as we still have a couple things to do on the vehicle. We knew from the beginning that this machine isn't built for speed but we were able to get it up to 58mph on the straight away. Still sporting a 1000cc motor, the Honda was a perfect tool for what we need the machine for, Which happens to be a media vehicle to haul all of our gear to on location projects. Below are a couple shots we took in AZ.




NEW TTD Media Vehicle

We're very excited about build our first recreational media vehicle. The opportunity knocked on our door from the guys over at We're not building a RZR which everyone seems to be accustomed to. The project we took on for our first build is a 2016 Honda Pioneer 1000. It's not going to have the speed or jumping capability of a Polaris RZR, but it will be perfect for what we need the machine for which is adventures, racing around the race tracks with our camera gear from one side to another to get that shot of the professional drivers.

With our few years of being in the utv/sxs industry, we reached out to some great companies that we felt would be perfect for this build and these are the sponsors we have as we speak.

We're currently in the middle of this build and will be blogging about the build until it's finish. Once this Honda Pioneer 1000 is complete, We'll start using this utv for what we built it for which will be followed by tons of Photos & Videos.

Below is what she currently looks like until we're 100% finished.

Thank you to all of our sponsors and supporters. We couldn't do this build without you!

Ultra4 Racing - KOH

KOH is one of the hardest Offroad races in America and the TTD team had a chance this year to do some coverage. Thousands of people travel with these small to massive Offroad machines to try and take that champion spot. SXS to rock crawling monsters with 900HP roamed everywhere.

As the early morning started from the sounds of these powerful Offroad machines, we started to gather our camera gear for the day to capture some moments.

N 3.jpg

Client: RJ Anderson

This past weekend we had the opportunity to shoot RJ Anderson at the Lucas Oil Off-road Truck racing series located at the Glen Helen Raceway in Southern California this past weekend. RJ and his race team came to us about wanting photography services for this round for all the new marketing they tend to do. Of course we took on the project and didn't just shoot trucks hitting jumps. We wanted to do more of a creative approach with these photos from close-up detail shots to wide shots for when the action was getting good. We believe that we nailed it on this project and can't wait to shoot some more with the professional driver: RJ Anderson and his team.





GMH Motorsports Teaser

Last minute video? We have you as GMH Motorsports contacted us the day before about shooting some video for them. Yes, we can do this and we did. We packed up our gear and prepared ourselves for the next day of shooting. Our location was Barstow, CA as where this is one of the spots for testing suspension and speed in these offroad vehilces.


This past weekend we decided to roll down to the 3rd annual Luftgekuhlt Porsche event that was located in Los Angeles, CA. We were expecting a typical local car show get together until we started rolling up around 7:30am and came to find that this Porsche event was nothing buy typical. A line of Porsches from classic to modern new age sat in lines throughout the streets coming from both directions of the entrance. We've never seen so many Porsches in one location so we instantly started whipping out our cameras and these are some of the shots we got.




WORCS Racing RD 4 & 5 as it was a double header out in Lake Havasu, AZ has been one of the hottest races we've covered and we mean temperature. The dry, dusty terrain that was mashed up with the Colorado river might have made us dip into the river to cool down a couple times between races. Other than that, RD 4 & 5 we're awesome to shoot as always with great people and drivers. Packed with tons of action and speed throughout the whole weekend. Below is a small recap of some of the racers.

Faraday Future Long Beach ePrix 2016

We had the chance to shoot down at the formula E this year which is now known as the Faraday Future Long Beach ePrix as they became the title sponsor for the event. We first arrived at ePrix early in the morning to grab our press passes and head out to the track. Once we got closer and closer to the track, The first thing that came to our attention was Faraday Futures concept racecar called the " FFZERO1 ". This concept vehicle was one of the best concepts we've ever laid our eyes on. The sleek lines in the design down to the centered seat and carbon fiber insert wheels.

We met up with the Product & Tech Communication Specialists Ezekiel Wheeler to go over more detail of the FFZERO1.


After our stop by the Faraday Future booth, We decided to head to the track and pit area to see what we could grab for photos throughout the day.



R.M.U.R.A Magazine ad

Our friends over at R.M.U.R.A asked us if we could create them a quick magazine ad and a social media campaign which will be followed up by a small video for their race series in Colorado. We couldn't say no on this project as we're always excited to create something in the Offroad racing community. Below is our magazine ad that we created for them really quick for ATV riders magazine. We'll be posting up the social media campaign soon too.