NEW TTD Media Vehicle

We're very excited about build our first recreational media vehicle. The opportunity knocked on our door from the guys over at We're not building a RZR which everyone seems to be accustomed to. The project we took on for our first build is a 2016 Honda Pioneer 1000. It's not going to have the speed or jumping capability of a Polaris RZR, but it will be perfect for what we need the machine for which is adventures, racing around the race tracks with our camera gear from one side to another to get that shot of the professional drivers.

With our few years of being in the utv/sxs industry, we reached out to some great companies that we felt would be perfect for this build and these are the sponsors we have as we speak.

We're currently in the middle of this build and will be blogging about the build until it's finish. Once this Honda Pioneer 1000 is complete, We'll start using this utv for what we built it for which will be followed by tons of Photos & Videos.

Below is what she currently looks like until we're 100% finished.

Thank you to all of our sponsors and supporters. We couldn't do this build without you!