We're all very excited over here at [ TROY T DESIGNS ]. We've been working hard with getting everything up and running to take on more projects. We have a small team, but this small team works amazing. We'll specialize in Graphic Design, Identity, Online store setup, Photography, videography, running social media accounts and more. 


We were excited when we got the call from the guys over at Alternative Offroad. They asked us if we could do a quick night photo-shoot with their trucks and new Vision X led light bars. Of course we jumped on the opportunity. Here are a few images from the shoot that we got. Only equipment used in this shoot was our new Sony A7II.



ALTERNATIVE OFFROAD came to us for some help. They wanted to re-design their business cards and a packaging flyer for when they ship out product from the shop. We jumped right on this project as fast as we could because we knew that they needed these super quick. We took on the project of a full re-design and printing process to get the job done. We also topped it off with doing some photography as well.

Thank you for the business Alternative Offroad!


We've done some pretty awesome work in the past from graphic design // photography // branding and marketing. We've been out of the game for a little while now but we're restructuring the company and putting together an awesome team to really start tackling some projects. TTD is really going to focus on Graphic Design // Photography // E-commerce setups and more.

Keep checking us out as we're going to do a full update. Follow and like us on all of our social media for more updates.


 My client Assault Industries calls me up the other and asks me if I would like to go with them out to Glamis for Polaris Camp RZR.  I jumped on the opportunity to say yes as I've never been out to Glamis before. I'm hoping to take some photography shots so we'll see. If you own a SXS for UTV, Checkout for all your parts/accessories.


Client - Custom Hit

I had the opportunity to take on a project from that consisted of re-designing their logo and creating a flyer. Right away I took on the challenge and opened up the sketch book to start sketching out some logo concepts. After hours and hours of coming up with concepts, I was finally was hooked on a couple designs. I was able to bring them into the computer and start turning the sketches into vector art. After sending a couple revisions back and forth, we finally all agreed on the perfect design.

Working with custom hit was amazing. Great people over there at custom hit and it was a pleasure to take on their project and nail it. If you need anything done for marketing purposes or just gifts, Go to They have over 250 different things you can do. If you don't see it on the list of products, send them a email and they will make it happen.



Custom Hit.jpg