I quit my job 3yrs ago to pursue my passion for photography and film. I have a late start into a new career but you live once, So I took the steps to make it happen. People told me if I do pursue this full-time to make sure I pick one industry and work only that industry. I became puzzled by that statement as I love so much stuff to just stay in one industry. Being a guy that is a car enthusiast, Camper, Traveler, Adventurer and Graphic Designer as a background. I couldn’t just pick one industry, so I’m breaking that cycling of only working in one industry.


Your brand. Your company. Your product. Your service. Makes no difference. You need to catch the eye of your consumers. Attract attention. That is your number one priority. To be the FIRST they see. To be the only one they will WANT to see. Stand out in every way to who you want, when you want, the way you want.

That is precisely what Troy T Designs does.

Be obvious. Be striking. Be distinctive. Be prominent. Make your business memorable. Those that are remembered are those that express a passion. An energy. A life. Mixing Art and business is what I do. Striking. Vivid. Unforgettable.